Auditing Services

Auditing Services

  • Mpact is providing the internal audit function that plays a critical role in helping your organization achieve its objectives by providing assurance on the effectiveness of its internal controls and processes, identifying areas of risk and weakness, and recommending actions to mitigate those risks and improve performance.

Our Internal audit typically involves a comprehensive review of your organization’s financial and operational processes, including its systems, policies, and procedures.

This may include reviewing financial statements, assessing the effectiveness of internal controls, testing compliance with regulations and standards, and identifying areas for improvement.

The main objective of our internal audit is to provide assurance to management and the board of directors that the organization’s operations are being conducted in accordance with established policies and procedures, and that the organization’s assets are safeguarded. Internal audit helps organizations identify areas of risk and weakness, and recommends actions to mitigate those risks and improve performance.

Mpact also provides external auditing through third parties under its supervision.

Auditing becomes a desired service by insuring the following:

External Auditing

Internal Auditing

Review the Financial and VAT Transactions

Auditor Appointment

Sales Audit

Export and import VAT report

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