Outsourcing: How To Choose An Accounting Partner?

No one says it is easy to let a third party handle your finances. However, choosing a partner accounting company most of the time is a must.

Whereas there are plenty of companies that account for partnerships, your partner will do much more than calculate your taxes and handle your payroll process.

At the same time, without denying how important this decision is, its importance imperative you to do a lot of thinking, so choosing any accounting partner randomly is not the smartest thing to do.

There are some qualifications that you should take into consideration when choosing an accounting for partnership firm to keep your business in safe hands, and here are some of them:

Your company requirements

The types of accounting companies that offer financial services are unlimited. In addition, taxes and accounting professionals also provide financial services and outsourcing management and annual accounting submissions.

When choosing an accounting partner company you have to be specific in asking them what they are required to do, and that comes after understanding the requirements of your company.

Are you looking for a firm to do monthly and annual reports? Do you want them to handle your own employees payroll process? Are you in any way interested in advisory and consulting services to put you on the right track?

Only when answering these questions will you be sure of what to ask the accounting partner to do.


Reputation in business is not an extra to think about, it is essential. Other businesses and companies’ opinions in a particular accounting firm matter.

Once you have determined your requirements and what exactly you are looking for, you can ask for recommendations from people you trust.

One thing to keep in mind, the performance of the outsourcing or partner company depends a great deal on the nature of the business itself. An accounting firm may be suitable for one company but may not fit another kind of business. As a result you should be careful about the source of your recommendations.



Finance is a wild field. Accounting companies usually specialize in a particular area in the field.

Partner firms that are good in one industry not necessarily to be good in another. For example, companies specialized in taxes may not have an experience in consultation, or vice versa.

You have to be specific in your proposal and highlight the exact branch you need an assist with alongside the tasks required from the accounting partner. Is it reporting? Or costing services? Financial analysis? Or even others?

Determining your requirements of course comes after determining your exact outcomes for one year, five years and 10 years ahead.

Software programs 

Today’s accountants do not use account books.

Accounting firms like any other company in any other field rely on technology in their business if not more.

When choosing an accounting partner you have to be sure about their software usage as it will improve your work and guarantee the best results possible

Do not forget about time 

Being a business owner means that you have a schedule full of tasks, meetings, following up with the team and more. And when you sign with an accounting partner to help with all of these, the last thing you want is a partner keeping you behind on your schedule.

Remember, now your work is their work, and their work is yours. Maintaining to meet deadlines is not luxury, on contrast, it is primary.

You do not need a partner who promises you to work all night long, because it means that they are lacking a good time management system enabling them to work and handle their tasks within the required work hours, and that is an issue.

Last but not least, selecting the wrong accounting partnership firm can end up costing more than you could have imagined. On the other hand, Choosing the right one gives your company a competitive advantage over other companies. Once you are able to put your finances in safe hands, you will have the whole time and -energy- to think of your own improvement plans.